Collaborate smoothly on a comprehensive platform.

subcontractors working in construction site with digital list of all subcontracts on iPad

Have an overview on subcontractors’ performances

Streamlined and compact management of subcontractors
  • Supervise and track awarded, certified, and paid subcontractors on a single platform
  • Make better decisions based on real-time insights of subcontractor performance
Searchable list of all subcontracts showing services, contract, certified, and paid amounts
Construction project variation order with details and certified amount for subcontractor

Optimise operations management

With an informative and easily maintainable directory of subcons, manage subcontractors with ease on one platform.

  • Create and issue standardised subcon certificate summaries
  • Approve, certify, and pay subcon variation orders (VOs) in a central feature
  • Generate and link backcharges to subcon certificates for easy tracking

Accurate and 100% automated reporting

Access summarised and detailed reporting on subcontractor performance in just a few clicks.
Construction subcontractor certificate and status that are automatically generated from the app

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