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The Hidden Cost of Construction Waste: 15% of Site Materials Tossed Away

The Hidden Cost of Construction Waste: 15% of Site Materials Tossed Away

Did you know that 15% of materials delivered to construction sites end up in landfills due to mismanaged scheduling and…
illustration of progress claim documents and parties involved with the backdrop of a construction site

How Real-Time Material Spending Report Can Save You Time and Money

To ensure profitability, contractors must ensure raw material spending is within construction budgets. Yet, budget control is complex. Many stakeholders are involved and collaborative effort
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construction site on a tablet representing a digital procurement platform

Why does your construction business need a digital procurement platform?

Does your construction business have what it takes to compete in a digital world? Do you need it? If you have yet to make digital
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contractor ordering bricks on phone and receiving it

Shorten Your Procurement Cycle From Days to Minutes

Construction is a complex business, and sometimes, it can get messy. Contractors spend up to 60% of the contract value to buy material. Without developing
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man looking at cloud computing with magnifying glass

What is the Cloud?

According to PCMag, cloud computing simply means storing and accessing data or software over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. This means that
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construction site with graphic of cloud software

5 Reasons to Adopt Cloud-Based Construction Software

Malaysia recently launched the MyDIGITAL initiative in February this year, and since then, we have seen various parts of the plan put into motion. One
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graphic of contractor affected by project delay and cost overrun

7 Reasons Why Construction Projects are Delayed and Cost Overruns Keep Happening in Construction

1. Design vs Actual Building Work Regardless of the size of the project, every construction project involves many different subcontractors and stakeholders. Architects and consultants
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Contractors at construction site looking at material being hoisted by crane

How to Effectively Manage Construction Materials

Managing construction material is a critical part of ensuring the project’s success, given that contractors spend 40-70% of the project cost into buying building material.
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stop sign over a laptop with spreadsheet

Why You Should Stop Using Spreadsheets in Construction Projects

Since the invention of Excel, the spreadsheet program has been used as a tool to run construction projects. While it is extremely useful, spreadsheets do
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construction workers at site with digital overlay

Why Digital Procurement and Why Now?

Digital procurement, also known as e-procurement, will give contractors a return of investment you can never imagine, but only if it is implemented properly. In
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purchasing cycle icons over a background of a construction professional's office

How to Standardise Your Construction Purchasing Cycle

The purchasing cycle in construction, from ordering materials to payment, is not easy. A well-managed procurement is often considered a major contributing factor of a
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construction supply chain connected by Speedbrick cloud software

Data Doesn’t Lie—3 Ways Cloud-based Solutions Improve Construction Project Supply Chain Management

Our needs grow over time, so technology must be adapted to make our lives easier. Whether it is finding a quick ride or checking real-time
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illustration of progress claim documents and parties involved with the backdrop of a construction site

Progress Claim Process In Malaysia

Conducting payment in the construction industry is a lot different than in others. Firstly, there must be a construction contract between the contractor and its
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progress claim template with construction backdrop

Progress Claim Template in Excel

Download a free Progress Claim template in Microsoft Excel format. This template consists of a workdone summary page and format of a typical construction project’s
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grid of construction materials

Get More Profit—Manage Your Construction Materials Properly

Contractors spend 60-70% of their revenue buying materials; it is easily the largest expenditure item in the budget. Managing your materials effectively will most likely
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workers facing issues at contruction site

Top 6 Challenges Malaysian Contractors Will Face After MCO

As of February 2021, Malaysia is now a few weeks into its second Movement Control Order (MCO) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It
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contractor looking for accurate construction data

How do you gain 100% accuracy in your construction business data?

Managing and running construction projects means large volumes of data stored all over the place across multiple projects that are running simultaneously. You or your
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construction workers queueing up for covid 19 temperature check

COVID-19 and Construction: Prevention and Control Measure at your Construction Site Entrance

COVID-19 can spread through human to human contact, for which equal measures must be taken to protect your construction site. Construction companies must adopt all
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construction worker picking up materials

Restart Construction Work Post COVID-19: Stop Losing Money on Inventory

As contractors in Malaysia cope with resuming work after COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO), the first challenge is to conserve and lengthen your construction project’s
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handwritten thank you note

A Special Thanks to L2 Construction Series for carrying out 30 days of webinars during MCO period

As the war against COVID-19 intensifies in Malaysia, the government of Malaysia has issued a restriction of movement that has essentially halted the operations of
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construction worker inspecting steel bars

Here’s a quick guide on how you should manage your building material inventory post MCO

KNOW YOUR PROJECT TAKING OFF QUANTITY Make sure you have your budget quantity estimated. Project management starts with knowing how much material you need to
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interview recording mic in radio studio

Speedbrick On BFM Radio

Our founder was interviewed on Business FM, listen to their thoughts and journey on helping to digitise the construction industry.
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